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Making 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet

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New Year, New You? There are mixed feelings in the media and wellness world about New Years Resolutions, but I believe that as long as long as your resolutions are maintainable, realistic, and healthy, they are a great way for a self check-in and reflection.

I feel that the key to living a healthy lifestyle is about balance and ensuring that both your mind and body are healthy, because you truly cannot have one without the other. To help you become your best self, inside and out, I recently discovered Noom. Noom uses habit change psychology along with coaches and support groups to help you unlearn bad habits and set attainable goals with encouragement and accountability. This program tackles behavioral changes, recipes, and workouts for an overall approach. A method along these lines is more likely to accomplish long-term results, and a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and a sustainable routine. I personally think this is a great idea and goes along with my own values - someone can jump from diet to diet, but it will never last unless the root causes are addressed, and positive lifestyle changes are made. This helps users focus on accountability, stress management, and making nourishing food choices.

For me to be completely “on my wellness game” I know it comes down to accountability and handling stress so that I do not get side tracked from my goals. I have noticed accountability and motivation are also some of the hardest aspects for my clients as well, which is why it is so important. When I was in college, making SMART goals for business was emphasized, but this can very easily be applied to your personal life. SMART goal are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. When setting your concentration to something, these are all important aspects to keep in mind. You should not make a goal that is vague, because then it is easy to cheat yourself, or go too far. If you are able to measure your goals, then the progress is motivating, or, a stagnant outcome will allow you to assess what needs to change in your life. This is another great factor about Noom because you have a Goal Specialist and can input a specific weight or end goal, and the reason why that outcome is so important to you. If you are looking to make positive, long term, mental and physical changes for your health, Noom is a great option to help you accomplish your 2020 resolutions. Get started today with Noom’s 14 day trial!



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