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Everything you need to know: Personalized Vitamins

Personalized vitamins have been gaining popularity recently, and with good reason. These are custom vitamin packs that are chosen based off of your personal needs and medical history. This is a great way to only put the vitamins and minerals into your body that you truly need, and get specific nutrients that other general supplementation might lack.

I recently tried a trial of the brand Persona Nutrition (formerly Vitamin Packs). To start, you fill out a questionnaire regarding your health and wellbeing, then their panel of nutritionists curate daily supplements based on your needs. Whether your hormones are imbalanced or you need digestive support, or you are an athlete needing to reduce inflammation, they have you covered. Their nutritional assessment algorithm was developed by doctors and nutritionists. This algorithm includes 5 trillion combinations of high quality supplements and 850 analyzed potential drug interactions, all backed by scientific research.

Even those who eat a properly balanced diet can still benefit from vitamin supplementation. Vitamin D and B Vitamins can be hard to get from food alone, and some minerals including magnesium, iron, and potassium, are depleted from the body during exercise. The key is that this varies from person to person; everyone has a different food intake, workout routine, lifestyle, and medical background to be considered. Men and women need different vitamins to function properly and feel their best, but so do people of certain age groups, activity levels, etc.

My pack included the foundation formula, digestive support, greens, female health, and hair, skin, and nails. The foundation includes a foundational multivitamin with turmeric and Omega-3. Digestive support includes a probiotic, digestive enzyme and ginger. Greens support is a spirulina supplement, which is a potent algae very high in antioxidants. Female health support helps to balance hormones with borage oil and saffron extract. Hair, skin, and nails contains horsetail extract, collagen, and CoQ10 to help keep cells and tissues throughout the body strong and healthy. When your vitamins are sent to you there is a packet that includes directions, ingredients, and ways to contact their on-call nutritionists with any questions. After a month taking these supplements my energy levels and mood drastically improved. Each month you can add or change supplements in your pack as well.

If you are looking for an in-depth personalized vitamin regime regarding severe health issues, I would still suggest to visit your doctor for a blood test to get a detailed assessment. For anyone else, this is an option I would highly recommend! It is very convenient because all of the supplements come together in one package - everything from Vitamin A, to Probiotics, to Magnesium. There is no "one size fits all" approach to health, especially supplements, so a custom vitamin pack will do more good for the body than a broad multivitamin. As always, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new nutrition or exercise program.



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