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My Thoughts: TRUWOMEN Protein Bars + Powders

I have to start out by saying that I absolutely love everything that this company is about! TRUWOMEN makes protein bars and protein powders created by women, for women, with all plant based ingredients. They started the company on the basis of what women want and need in a snack bar for a busy lifestyle, which is taste and nutrition with quality ingredients.

These are delicious, chewy bars packed with nutrients that offer a decadent treat without guilt! Their bars contain 12 grams of protein, no sugar alcohols, and are free of dairy, soy, gluten and GMO's. Bar flavors include 'I Scream for Orange Cream,' 'Saltylicious Almond Love,' 'Daydreaming About Donuts,' 'Oh Oh Cookie Dough,' 'Smother Fudger Peanut Butter,' 'Zam Good Zesty Lemon,' and a new flavor 'Red Velvet Ready.' The Red Velvet flavor is new so I have not yet tried it, but I highly recommend all of the other flavors, so I am sure Red Velvet is no different!

I love each of the flavors for different reasons, and cravings, but if I had to choose a favorite it is a tie between the Cookie Dough and Salted Almond (my two weaknesses.) Each flavor is less than 200 calories, and since they provide sufficient protein, this is an ideal snack post workout or to get you through an afternoon slump. With a hectic schedule, I appreciate having an option for a nutritious snack on the go that I feel good about eating and actually enjoy. Whenever I have a busy day in NYC I am always sure to put one in my purse! Their bars keep me full and fueled which is important when I am on set at a photoshoot or running between fittings and castings.

Their protein powders come in 'Va Va Voom Vanilla' and 'You're Mocha Me Cocoa.' It is only 90 calories a serving and contains all 9 essential amino acids from a mixture of brown rice protein and pea protein. When looking at protein powder options, especially vegan formulas, it is important to ensure they contain all essential amino acids. This is a great vegan protein that is not chalky and has a delicious flavor as opposed to tasting "fake" like straight up sweetener as some other brands do. I love the vanilla flavor because it is versatile to add thickness and flavor to various smoothie recipes, while the chocolate makes the perfect mocha-coffee blend!

Whether you try to eat clean, follow a plant based diet, or are looking for a new snack to throw in your gym bag, check out TRUWOMEN!



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