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My favorite at-home workouts

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Happy November! As the temperatures drop, I know it can be hard to get yourself motivated to get to the gym or a workout class, especially during the holidays.

My previous post featured equipment needed to create a gym in your home, but if you miss the feel of a group class or personal trainer, then this post is for you!

I am able to do all of these in my NYC apartment, so I am confident space will not be an issue ;)

As you might know, I already have a whole post dedicated to my love of yoga! I would recommend MyYogaWorks for anyone looking to start or deepen a yoga practice. Yoga has become a staple in my workout routine for the mental and physical benefits such as decreasing stress and increasing mobility. With over 40 different instructors to choose classes from, they have everything from beginner to advanced - even prenatal classes. I love doing a mix of restorative Yin classes and strength building Vinyasa classes. Classes start at a quick 5 minute tutorial all the way to full 90 minute deeper practice. So whether you are new or experienced, there is something for everyone! Code YOGA3 gets you 3 months at $1 a month!

One of my go-tos for all wellness needs, both mind and body! Caravan Wellness is great for anyone who wants a balanced fitness and wellness routine in the comfort of their own home. I love that Caravan offers such a variety of programs to stream from your computer - everything from Pilates to yoga and meditation, as well as classes on confidence boosting, positive mindset and improving your relationship with food. Their programs are great because as opposed to most other streaming services, you build off of each video or class. Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Barre... you name it, Caravan Wellness has your fitness preference covered. They offer a 7 day trial risk free, and if you like what you see, you get 20% off of your annual subscription moving forward.

John Benton is an amazing trainer - I do his programs at home, and I have also taken his class in person at his studio in Dallas while traveling for work (Good to know for anyone in Texas!) John is very motivational and committed to helping his clients using his science-backed method. This female specific workout specializes in hip and waist reduction by leaning out the body while increasing muscle tone, but not bulk. Most exercises are done with only bodyweight, with the option to add ankle weights or hand weights for a little extra intensity. These are endurance workouts that combine a mix of toning and cardio bursts. Programs range from access to single workouts, a workout package, and even a phone consultation with John to discuss your pesonal workout routine and diet in depth! Check out his social media to see some mind-blowing and inspirational transformations.

You may have seen the P.Ball across your Instagram feed - this low impact workout has been gaining publicity and popularity as more celebrities and influencers have jumped on board. P.volve workouts are made up of functional movements, think a Pilates and Physical Therapy combination, to tighten the smaller muscles in the body with tiny movements. I am a fan of doing P.volve leading up to an important shoot or event because it targets muscles I might otherwise be neglecting by hitting all different angles of the legs, glutes, arms and abs. Optional exercise equipment used for this program includes the P.Ball and P.Band sold on their site, as well as gliders, and an ankle band. I have all equipment, but the great thing is that they have a lot of bodyweight videos, and even when equipment is used you can modify. This is a monthly subscription program.

Their motto is designed for women by women! I love that this female focused brand provides workouts, monthly challenges, meal planning, recipe ideas and even has their own line of Tone It Up protein products to keep you on track with your goals. There is also a large online and social media presence with other people signed up for the program to stay motivated and share stories and tips. Their workouts are both with and without weights and you can choose from targeting different parts of the body or full body toning, yoga and kettlebell workouts. They have an app you can download on your phone and plan your workout schedule, and you can upgrade to their nutrition plan as well. This is ideal if you want fitness and nutrition guidance all under one roof - they have delicious recipes for all meals of the day, and acommodate dietary restrictions!

Have you tried any of these programs?! What workouts do you find you enjoy most and are more likely to stick with? What are your goals, and what exercises make you feel your best? Let me know your thoughts :)



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