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Do you need a prenatal vitamin?

Let me start this off by saying I am NOT pregnant! BUT, I do know many women trying to get pregnant, and many new mothers.

I have always been a fan of Ritual, which is why I want to share their amazing new product launch with you. They started with a multivitamin targeted specifically to the nutritional needs of women and they just launched a Prenatal multivitamin. Their original Essential Multivitamin for women contains the 9 essential nutrients which are Folate, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Iron, Vitamin K2, Boron, Vitamin E and Magnesium. This supplement is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and free of synthetic colors or fillers. After much testing they found sources of each vitamin that are easier for the body to absorb, and focused on those nutrients that most women are deficient in. Purposefully, Vitamin A and C, Calcium, and other minerals have been left out because most women get sufficient dosage from their diet - and these are the nutrients that help your body use those vitamins. This combination of ingredients work to supercharge energy levels and immunity, as well as skin blood, organ and bone health.

Fast forward to their newest product, Essential Prenatal Vitamin. The Prenatal follows all of the same certification of ingredients (some in higher doses), but also includes Choline, Iodine and Biotin. It is suggested to begin taking a prenatal supplement 3 months before trying or planning to conceive to ensure your body has a sufficient amount of nutrients stored. The first 28 days of pregnancy are critical for neural tube development, and most women haven’t started taking a prenatal at that point because initial doctors visits haven’t even happened yet. This supplementation can also help with ensuring your baby arrives at a healthy weight, in addition to cognitive development and red blood cell production. Pre-pregnancy, this prenatal provides the necessary nutrients to support energy and mood so that your body is ready whenever you are.

Even if you are not pregnant or looking to conceive in the near future, studies have shown prenatal vitamins are a good option for women with vitamin deficiencies and those overcoming eating disorders. Vitamin deficiencies can be caused by poor diet, disordered eating, food intolerances, and autoimmune diseases. In these cases, your body is often depleted of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so the supplementation can help you obtain essential levels throughout the body. As always, consult with your health care provider to ensure that you are supplementing correctly for your individual needs.

Do you take a prenatal, or have you thought about it?



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