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The Best Dairy Free Yogurts

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Dairy-free alternatives have increased significantly over the past few years, especially when it comes to yogurt! The taste, texture, and ingredients have vastly improved.

Bases range from almonds or cashews, to coconut or pili nut! There are various flavors, but I am a proponent for getting unsweetened and adding your own fruit or toppings for a natural, minimal sugar taste. There are so many different options, ingredients, and labels on the market now, so hopefully this will clear things up for your next trip to the grocery store! All of the following plant-based brands are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan friendly.

I love Kite Hill because they have so many options! They offer a line of regular artisanal almond milk yogurts, and they also have Greek style, which is a much thicker consistency. They offer many flavors in both their original yogurt and Greek-style, but still I opt for the plain unsweetened flavor with only 1 gram of sugar. If you are a fan of Greek Yogurt, Kite Hill Greek tastes just like real Greek strained dairy! The Greek Yogurts are only available in single serving 5.3 oz. All flavors of their regular artisanal yogurts are available in single serving 5.3 oz., while the vanilla flavor is also available in 16 oz., and unsweetened plain is available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. as well.

This brand is definitely the most allergy friendly, while containing probiotics and prebiotics. The base is pili nuts, and the blend also includes plantains, coconut and cassava. This is a very buttery consistency, similar to dairy. The only sweetener used is real fruit so there are no added sugars. Flavors include original, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry. All flavors are available in single serving 5.3 oz. and 16 oz. containers. Since there are no added gums or sugars, this brand is Paleo compliant, Whole30 friendly, and Keto friendly as well!

This "cashewgurt" is very smooth, and filled with probiotics! It is a light but rich blend of cashew milk and coconut cream. Their flavors include unsweetened plain, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, lemon, cherry, and coconut. Comes in single serving 5.3 oz. and multi-serving 24 oz. containers. They also offer a "drinkable cashewgurt" which is similar to a thicker milk, which is great for smoothies, baking, and breakfast bowls!

So Delicious is known for making almost everything you could ask for dairy-free! Their creamy coconut milk yogurts contain probiotics and are fortified with vitamin D and vitamin B12, as their brand is very vegan-friendly. They offer 13 flavors from strawberry to chocolate to vanilla, but I still suggest the unsweetened plain to limit sugars. Sizes available include single serving 5.3 oz. and multi-serving 24 oz.

These are some of my personal favorite brands that are gluten free, dairy free, and contain only high quality ingredients. There are various brands and flavors on the market - just be sure to read your labels!



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