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Sakara Life Meal Program Review + Discount

I have heard about Sakara Life for years - supermodels and celebrities rave about it, and busy moms, corporate employees, and health conscious men and women swear by it. After being quarantined with my family in CT for five months, I wanted to reset and nourish my body when I returned to work in Manhattan while keeping up with my busy routine. As fittings, photoshoots, and castings picked up, and I realized I still was not completely comfortable with the idea of going to major grocery stores in the City, Sakara was a lifesaver for me. This meal program ensured that I had fresh, nutritious, and well balanced meals at home, so that I could prioritize my health no matter how crazy life would become. Being prepared is always an important factor when planning a healthy lifestyle, whether that means meal prepping or a meal delivery program.

I had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting the founders, Whitney and Danielle, at their Cookbook launch event in New York City last year. This woman-run business provides a healthy lifestyle to clients rather than a diet. There are no calorie restrictions; instead, the Sakara lifestyle and program focuses on eating nourishing food to help you look and feel your best. The founders are childhood friends who teamed up after moving to NYC. Their busy lives and health issues inspired them to create Sakara. They found, as many of us do, that food really can be medicinal for our bodies. The various meal programs offered by Sakara are supplemented with snacks, bars, probiotics, vitamins, and powders, among other items.

I will never share something I have not personally used - and love! I was unsure what to expect at first, but I found everything to be truly delicious. The meals are all very flavorful with great spices, herbs and textures in every serving! They are also quite filling due to the satisfying fiber content, many nutrients, and decent portion sizes. I find there is a perfect variety that keeps my interest. Menus change weekly, so if you commit to the meal program regularly, you won't get bored!

There are meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snack options for pick-me-ups throughout the day. For breakfast, some of my personal favorites are the delicious Pink

Pancakes (made with superfood beets!) and pistachio butter, "Sexy Cinnamon Rolls," and Strawberry Mylk with granola! The beauty of these delicious pastry and breakfast options is they are all free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar!

The Bliss Bowl, Chili and Cornbread, Bibimbap, and Jackfruit Tacos are a few of my favorite lunch and dinner choices. Sakara has classically trained chefs who are inspired by international flavors including Italian, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern… the list goes on, so you and your taste buds will never get bored!

This program offers all the foods I love, and they are made with high quality ingredients, an abundance of nutrients, and a lot of flavor. Everything is plant based, gluten free, and non-GMO, which are all important characteristics for me. Each container identifies the day and meal, lists the ingredients, and provides instructions on how to heat and serve. Also, the packaging is all recyclable - an added bonus!

I already follow a diet free of gluten and dairy, so the Signature Meal Program was easy and enjoyable for me. This program is Sakara’s most popular one. You can choose between a 3 or 5 day meal plan. Delivery is on Sunday night, and again on Wednesday, if you are doing the 5 day program. You can choose anywhere from 1 to 3 meals each day. You are able to do a one-time order or subscribe to weekly meal programs. If you have an unpredictable or busy schedule like I do, it is nice to have something ready to go when you need it! In addition to my three days of meals, I received a daily wellness essentials care package including tea, probiotics, and an energy bar sample. You also have access to a holistic health coach to support you throughout your journey with Sakara and to answer any questions you may have. It is a plus to have this help available when needed for assistance and encouragement!

Meal Plan Options

In addition to their Signature Meal Program, there is a wide variety of meal plan options, which should make it easy to find a program that will meet your needs and desires. For example, there is a Level 2 Detox program, a Bridal Meal Plan, and a 10 Day Reset. The Signature Meal Plan is known as “Level 1,” while the Detox program offered monthly is known as “Level 2.” The Bridal Meal Plan is 4 weeks of meals, supplements, wellness gifts, and health coaching to properly support you before your big day (or any important event!) The 10 Day Reset is a DIY detox kit with recipes and wellness essentials. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

Sakara has 9 Pillars of Nutrition when it comes to their meal programs, lifestyle, and wellness products. These pillars include:

No Calorie Counting

Plant Protein

Eat Your Water


Good Fats

Eat the Rainbow

Nutrient Density

Sulfur Rich Veggies

Body Intelligence

If you often find yourself scrambling around at meal time to come up with something nutritious that isn't boring, this may be life changing for you. With Sakara, healthy meals will no longer be boring or complex! It is also reassuring to know that the Sakara programs are backed by cutting-edge nutrition science and traditional healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive. To add another level of confidence to your meal selections, all ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practice to ensure peak nutrition and freshness. With Sakara, you will be fueling your body with 100% of your daily vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant requirements. Meals contain 100 phytochemicals that help your body fight disease, and help your skin glow from the inside out!

Clean Boutique

In addition to all of these meal programs, Sakara also has their "Clean Boutique." They offer superfood bars, CBD chocolates, metabolism powder, popcorn, granola... you name it, Sakara has made it even more delicious and nutritious than you can imagine!

The Metabolism Powder is a top seller because it increases metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar with a delicious chocolate flavor!

Sakara offers trios of most of their favorite Clean Boutique items…

The Granola comes in three flavors; Dark Chocolate, Classic Superfood and Plant Protein. I love this for topping smoothies and oatmeal, or baking!

The Sakara Life Popcorn comes in three flavors as well, including “Sweet,” “Salty,” and “Cheezy.” The popcorn sells out fast so you have to jump on it while it’s in stock though, once you try this delicious recipe you will understand why!

The bars offered include Detox, Energy, and Beauty. I personally think they are all delicious and there is a time and place for each! The collection sampler can help if you are indecisive like I am.

Functional Dark Chocolates are available in Beauty, Probiotic and Nootropic! I love that they taste great while also providing health benefits.

What is great about the Sakara Meal Program is each week and month they include different sample items from the clean boutique, so you can try before you buy! They also have a Sakara Discovery Kit.

In the Sakara Discovery Kit you can also find their Beauty and Detox Water Drops which provide your body with additional minerals and greens to aid in detoxification and digestion.

I personally see Sakara as a way of life. The Signature Meal Program is something I will do regularly, I will rotate the Detox Program into my routine, and I love incorporating Clean Boutique items into my daily wellness regimen!

If you are interested in getting started, check out to check delivery in your area and view upcoming menus!

I have an exclusive discount for my readers, followers, and clients! You can use code XOEricaL for 20% off any Meal Program or 10 Day Reset!

As always, please consult a healthcare professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle. These are my own experiences, and what works for one person might not work for another. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me. Stay healthy! xo



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