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Starting the New Year with P.Volve

*I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.*

This past year has certainly been trying for everyone with quarantines, lockdowns, masks, and social distancing creating a very different lifestyle for all of us. If there is anything positive about 2020, perhaps it is the fact that with all this time to be introspective, we may have put our FOCUS - thanks to “2020” vision - on the things that matter most to us like family, friends, and our health.

In order to keep my own health in focus during this time, I turned to P.Volve, more specifically their online classes, to help me stay fit at home, and it has helped me tremendously to get a head start on 2021. With all of the craziness we face these days, P.Volve has helped me clear my head and increase my motivation. The fact that this routine can be done outdoors or at home is great, especially for those of us living in colder climates! Typically, I start my day with P.Volve to get in some natural movement, and supplement it with a walk - when weather permits - and/or light cardio.

P.Volve works the body from the inside out using functional movements and full-body resistance training. Their workouts are similar to combining Pilates with Physical Therapy to get controlled muscle activation and dynamic positioning, which works to tighten the smaller muscles in the body with tiny movements. This process results in a strong, sculpted physique, and also helps to provide increased mobility as well as better posture and balance to improve everyday life. I rely on P.volve leading up to an important shoot or event because it targets muscles I might otherwise ignore or neglect, and it incorporates all different angles of the legs, glutes, arms, and abs.

A great benefit of P.volve is the ability to do the exercises and classes without equipment, and another plus is being able to do the program anywhere, so it makes sticking to a routine much easier regardless of where I am, how much space I have, or the equipment I may or may not have on hand. I love using ankle weights and hand weights. I used to underestimate how much more difficult the exercises were with adding just a few pounds of weight, but that all changed after mastering the exercise form with P.volve. I now have a real appreciation for how much they take my workout to the next level, and I am seeing the results! I also use the P.Ball, which I love for leg and ab work, and the P.Band is helpful to tighten my arms as well!

I find it is important to incorporate some form of exercise into each day. P.volve has helped me significantly in keeping my commitment to having healthy movement a daily priority. The flexibility of classes, ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour, help me fit a class into my routine regardless of a tight schedule. Also, having many class options to choose from - depending on muscle groups I want or need to work on - gives me the ability to work with the program to meet my own personal goals and objectives. Additionally, I like that I have the option to use equipment based upon the focus of my workout; users can add and select things like the P.Ball, P.Band, gliders, ankle bands, ankle weights, hand weights, and a slant board.

When deciding what equipment is right for you, P.Volve has multiple kits and bundles to choose from. Right now they are even offering 30% off of any kit, and $100 off the Total Transformation Kit!

P.volve is a monthly subscription program, and their 14 day trial is a great way test the method! P.volve can be beneficial for anyone looking to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the entire body without aggressive movements that may break down joints or muscles. Since it is easy on the body, it is considered safe for *most* recovering from an injury (but as always, check with your doctor first!) This can be a great workout that leaves you energized rather than drained, and the program can fit easily into your schedule regardless of available time or location, so there are very few excuses to keep you from making healthy movement a part of your lifestyle! I hope you choose to make 2021 a healthier, happier year than 2020! All the best to everyone :)



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