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Prioritizing Your Health in 2021 - New Year's Resolutions with Noom

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking my links.

Happy New Year friends!

Our health is an investment, so it is important to do careful research and make good decisions to ensure the best returns - a healthy mind and body! After this past year, we have all learned how important good health is; if we do not have our health, not much else matters.

Achieving optimal health requires personal commitment, but sometimes outside inspiration and support can often help to attain goals. Also, sometimes starting slowly with small changes each day makes the journey less overwhelming and helps you get started. Minor daily adjustments can aid in improving the health of mind, body, and spirit!

The extra time we all have at home these days creates the perfect opportunity to get a head start on overall wellness, but between quarantine and the holidays, it can be incredibly challenging to stick with good choices that allow maintenance of healthy habits. These challenging times may warrant extra help to stay on track to ensure we can achieve our best selves! Noom may very well be the added support necessary.

Noom is a subscription health program designed by behavioral psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers to help people lose weight, stay fit, and have a balanced approach to long term overall wellness. Noom essentially offers participants a virtual trainer, nutritionist, and health coach at their fingertips! This health and wellness program teaches the science behind sustainable weight loss, which is critical because lasting weight loss is the result of both mental and physical changes rather than a “quick fix” or extreme options that will merely create a yo-yo effect.

We all have different body types and every body is unique; therefore, there is no specific meal plan. Instead, there are tools to help teach how to eat and move intuitively. Together this provides a combined healthy eating program coupled with a comprehensive exercise plan that can help achieve goals that are sustainable without the likely setbacks of fad dieting.

The program educates participants on making better meal choices by explaining why some meals are less nutritious, and offering meal ideas that are more filling and offer more nutrients. This “training” provides a foundation to build off of to create positive meal choices on an individual basis. The idea is to tackle potential flaws in current meal planning in order to make behavioral changes, identify better recipes, and introduce workouts to give a whole-body approach to change. This well-rounded approach is most likely to accomplish desired, long-term results, including a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and a routine that is sustainable to ensure benefits are lasting.

Believe it or not, most people have self-sabotaging behaviors that are deeply rooted, and like most bad habits, these behaviors are hard to break and difficult to change. Noom uses habit change psychology along with coaches and support groups to help unlearn bad habits and retrain behaviors in order to work toward attainable goals. Encouragement and accountability are “tools” that aid in accomplishing set objectives. Education is a large component of this app. Revising “diet mindsets” is part of the plan. While many diets focus on restricting food groups or calories, which can be damaging to health and is usually doomed to fail, Noom takes a much different approach to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle - its approach aligns with my own personal healthy living values.

I have learned that no “solutions” in wellness are sustainable unless the root causes of bad behaviors are addressed, and positive lifestyle changes are made. This happens to be the core of Noom as it helps users focus on accountability, stress management, and making nutritious food choices to nourish the mind and body and provide energy to exercise the body!

My biggest challenge staying on track with my wellness goals is usually accountability. I have become accustomed to using a planner, and I have started journaling - both of these activities help tremendously to keep me focused and moving forward in a positive way. I try to make SMART goals - these are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Goals can range from diet and exercise to sleep and stress management. Noom provides a Goal Specialist to ensure appropriate and meaningful goals are established to help participants achieve success.

If prioritizing your health is part of your 2021 resolutions, Noom may be a great start to kick things off right! Fortunately, Noom is offering a trial to introduce potential new participants to some of their healthy recipes, fitness tips and tricks, one-on-one coaching from goal specialists, and many other successful tools they offer.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy 2021! May you find success however you choose to get there :)



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